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Apart from the nostalgia, you get to taste authentic, unpretentious food, with flavours that are as traditional as the history of the dish itself.

The handpicked spices, the cauldron, the kind of utensil used, and the familiar tadka, all make for a dish that will see you scraping the bottom of each bowl.

Taste the offerings from Sil Batta, because they are not items from a menu, they are recipes of pleasant memories.



Take a break from the laptop and treat your taste buds to a mouth watering experience of delicacies. The indulgence is just a phone call away, or you can simply choose to order online. Rest assured, we won’t keep you waiting for long.

Give home cooking a breather and dig into Sil Batta’s authentic menu. Call your friends over or just pamper yourself, there’s enough on the menu to keep experimenting and develop a taste for your favourite dish.